25 Amazing Facts That Will Really Blow Your Mind

Who’s ready for the facts? Let’s go Here are 25 Amazing facts to blow your mind.

1. In 1998, a brave boy happened to survive — a murder attempt by an older person. Despite the threats, then the boy gave a deposition as to who the attacker was. The attacker was sent to prison for 40 years, and the victim’s family was awarded $150 billion.

2. After famous science fiction writer, Isaac Asimov, had to have triple bypass surgery in 1983, he contracted HIV from a blood transfusion. He later recruited and died of AIDS, but the cause was kept secret from the public because of the reputation the illness had at the time.

3. In 2017, a 70-year-old Kansas man wrote a note to his wife that said that he would rather be in jail then be at home. Later in the day, he robbed a ban and told the teller working that he had a gun. After the teller gave him $3000 in cash, the man waited in the lobby for police to arrive and arrest him. Because of his mental health, he was sentenced to six months under house arrest. Yeah, didn’t exactly turn out the way he wanted.

4. The oldest pub in Britain is the Old Ferryboat Inn on the River Cannes. The owners have said that the pub was founded in 560 A.D., but it was more likely founded around 1400 A.D. According to estimates.

5. Coffins and caskets are not the same things. A coffin usually has six sides, while a casket only has four sides and is also rectangular. Coffins with a curve at the shoulder are the ones that are most commonly used in the United Kingdom.


6. Since 1983, every member of Congress has received a monthly magazine subscription from Hustler. They tried to stop the subscription in 1984, but the US District Court later ruled that Hustler had the right to keep sending them subscriptions under the First Amendment.

25 Amazing Facts That Really Blow You Mind

7. There are no movies that have won best picture that has also featured an exploding helicopter. Even the director who had exploded the most helicopters in his films, is Roland Emmerich, with a total of 10. He exploded four in Independence Day, three in Godzilla and three in White House Down.


8. There’s a Japanese legend from 1803 in the Hitachi Province called Utsuro-Bune where a young, attractive the woman washed ashore in an empty boat and spoke an unknown language. She also held a box that she would not let anyone touch or open. The people who discovered her repaired her odd boat and sent her back into the sea.

song Jingle Bells

9. The popular holiday song Jingle Bells wrote by James Lord Pierpont in the 1800s was not originally a Christmas song but a drinking song that sang for horse sleigh races in Medford, Massachusetts. It was also first performed during a Thanksgiving service, not a Christmas one.

10. When two actors from the hit television show Lost each got in trouble for drunk driving, they were both later killed off in an episode titled “Two For The Road.”

President Franklin D.

11. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Scottish Terrier, Falla, was so well-known among Americans during World War II that American soldiers would ask other soldiers what the name of his dog was so that they could confirm that the soldiers that they were questioning weren’t German spies.

Mark Zuckerberg

12. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg spent 30 million dollars for four houses that surrounded his own because he wanted more privacy.

Actor Dick Van Dyke

13. Actor Dick Van Dyke paid Walt Disney $4,000 to play the role of the banker, Mr. Dodd Sr. in the 1964 classic film Mary Poppins. He was also, of course, more known for playing the role of Bert, the chimney sweeper.

John Stewart

14. When comedian John Stewart wanted to propose to his wife, he called Will Shorts, who was the crossword editor at the New York Times. Stewart asked Shorts to help create a personalized crossword for his proposal to her, and he obliged. They married in 2000.

Christopher Robin Milne

15. Christopher Robin Milne, who was the inspiration for Christopher Robin, in Winnie the Pooh, written by his father, A. A. Milne served in World War II and killed 20 soldiers in the Battle of the Bulge.

beta male mandrill

16. A beta male mandrill is unable to reproduce offspring when they mate. However, when they become the dominant alpha male, their testicles get bigger, and their skin color changes to red which means that they are now able to reproduce. When an alpha male loses its dominance, the exact opposite happens.


17. After Heath Ledger’s tragic death in 2008, Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Ferrell all took up his unfinished role for the movie The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. The three actors then donated their respective salaries to Ledger’s daughter.


18. According to a study published by PLOS ONE, researchers found that looking left when lying about something is not true at all when they studied people giving testimonies from missing relatives. There was no correlation between the people who murdered their family members and looking left. Not making eye contact, however, is a different story.

japan street

19. The largest population of Japanese people who live outside of Japan are in Brazil with about 1,500,000.

animal species

20. The same study also found that 75% of the world’s food is generated from 12 plants and five different animal species.

DNA of bacteria

21. In 2017, Harvard scientists somehow inserted a gif into the DNA of bacteria. The gif was five frames of a galloping horse, and the researchers did this by transferring the moving image into the nucleotides of E. Coli bacteria.

22. According to a story on tribunus.com, a Marine fighting in Afghanistan called customer support for his M107 Barret rifle when it malfunctioned in a firefight. Customer support employee talked him through the instructions on how to fix it and the Marine was back in the fight moments later.


23. In 2005, a judge in Niagara Falls sentenced all 46 people in his courtroom to jail after a cell phone rang and no one took responsibility for it. The 46 defendants spent two hours in the holding cell before being released as the sentence was considered an abuse of judicial power.

24. The average weight of a common seagull is only .45 kilograms or one pound.

25. The first black mayor in the Western world was Severiano de Heredia who was born in Havana, Cuba. He became the mayor of Paris, France in 1879. Heredia died of meningitis at his home in Paris in 1901 at the age of 64.


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